Barcode Label Printing, QR (Quick Response) Code Label Printer, Barcode Labels

Barcode Welcome to the future! You are a modern company, operating in a digital age - you need a label company that understands new technologies and understands YOUR needs! QR Codes are here to stay and QR labels are very special labels.

Barcode Label Printing 2D barcodes are robust, high-density barcodes capable of carrying an abundance of data – far more data than standard barcodes. Label Impressions has the capability to print variable or consecutive 2D barcodes on labels, tags and a variety of other substrates.
QR codes have specific characters in specific locations. Traditional flexographic printing plates can distort or gain just slightly - perhaps not enough for the human eye to see but enough to distort a QR code enough to make it unreadable. Unreadable QR labels means frustrated consumers and lost sales!

At Label Impressions, Inc. we understand this technology and the specific printing requirements involved! We have recently invested in and installed a new state of the art full prepress system. We have the absolute latest up to date prepress equipment and technology. We are able to produce up to 400 line screen and exceed offset printing quality and helps improve our barcode label printing portfolio. Label Impressions is also a QR codes label printer and offers qr codes label printing by utilizing the latest state of the art full prepress system.

2D & Quick Response (QR) Labels

QR Codes are a specific type of 2D codes that offers unique and interactive applications. These interactive codes may contain automatic instructions to send you to a specific website via a smartphone or scanner. You will begin to see QR codes on labels, advertising and on most product packaging.

Ideas & Applications for QR & 2D Codes
  • Product traceability when combined with variable data
  • Product authentication
  • Mobile marketing
  • Security applications when combined with variable data
  • Drive traffic to a website
  • Embed a code with company or contact info
  • Rest assured that when your QR codes are printed at Label Impressions, Inc. they will be readable-GUARANTEED (ask us about our 100% QR legibility GUARANTEE)

For more on QR Codes and an easy link to a site that allows you to easily generate your own unique code click on the following image!