Promotional Labels & Promo Labels

Promotional labels can bring attention to special characteristics of a product, discounts offered, and instructions on use or cross-promotional of additional products. The construction of a promotional labels can be as simple as a single layer labels, or can be in the form of coupon labels, booklet labels or folded booklet labels, as well as, temporary and dry-release labels and tags. The construction is also composed of permanent and removable adhesives and be decorated up to 10 colors UV, soy or waterbased inks, foiling, embossing and de-embossing as a starter. The labels can also be variable imaged with consecutive numbering or variable information. The designers and production personnel at Label Impressions are intimately familiar with these types of label constructions.

Whether your promotional labels are simple or complex, Label Impressions has the expertise to produce them to your exact specifications. We are familiar with special constructions and adhesives for temporary labels, game pieces, event stickers and rebate coupons, to name just a few.