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Preformed Pouches

Packaging can make all the difference between a product that gets lost on the shelf and one that resonates with potential customers. Our custom preformed pouches come in a variety of configurations including side sealed, bottom sealed, gusseted and zippered.

Custom Printed Bags and Pouches

preformed pouches
  • Increased product shelf life and packaging appeal
  • Moisture and oxygen barriers to protect food and supplements
  • White, foil, and clear materials available
  • Brand protection with security and traceability options
  • Child-resistant, tamper-resistant and tamper-evident options
  • Tear packaging for single use or resealable zipper closures for continuous use
  • Numerous shapes and sizes - from flat, sealed packages to gusseted, stand-up pouches
  • Limitless design options including up to 10 colors, foil stamping, tactile effects
  • Custom printed preformed pouches can include matte, gloss, or combination finishes
  • Small orders or large orders with rapid turnaround
  • FREE heat bag sealer with 30,000 piece bag order

The Label Impressions Difference

standup pouches

No packaging company offers the length of experience combined with the unique focus on environmental initiatives that Label Impressions provides.

  • The first certified carbon neutral label printer
  • The first certified responsible forest usage label printer
  • The first label paper made from rocks
  • The first completely biodegradable label for planting seeds
  • 100% carbon neutral facility
  • 100% wind powered
  • 100% humidity utilized to create drinking water
  • The largest selection of multi-layer constructions, including stand-up pouches
  • The most innovative materials, adhesives, and custom packaging products

For a Limited Time - FREE Heat Bag Sealer with 30,000 Piece Bag Order!

pouch sealer

A durable cast metal heat sealer, not a cheaply made plastic model. Designed to hold up in a production environment. Seals in one easy step and and works great with all of our bags. Power 110V/60hz. Length 8 inches/200mm. Sealing time 0-2 seconds depending on heat setting. When we tested at a mid-range setting, our largest bag sealed in less than a second. Features: Low power consumption, adjustable heat settings, ready indicator light with an 8" long sealing element, The compact design makes it easy to store when not in use. 2 extra heating elements and instruction manual are included in box. Extra heating elements are available in a 2 pack for $14.95.