piggyback labels

Piggyback Labels

Piggyback labels combine two labels into one unique construction. The bottom layer forms the back and adheres to the final product. The top layer contains a special adhesive that allows it to be removed and reapplied to a variety of surfaces. Piggyback labels are perfect for:

  • Business reply cards
  • Product registration cards
  • Promotions
  • Returns
  • Inventory tracking
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical records
  • Gameboard tokens
  • And much more!

Benefits and Applications

piggyback labels

In addition to promotional applications, piggyback labels can include bar codes to simplify and expedite tracking, or they can contain duplicate information to facilitate data accuracy. They can save money and increase productivity by speeding up overall processing, providing traceability, rotating stock, identifying problems, simplifying kitting, and keeping production lines moving.

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