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The 2012 Mid-Year Economic Report

This year has definitely been a turnaround year for both the economy and for Label Impressions. We're seeing solid growth in both the top line and bottom line, and feel that most of this is the result of the hiring choices, training and hard work we put in during tougher times in 2009, 2010 and 2011.



Multi-Tasking Labels

The label market may be healthier than ever as suppliers reportincreased functions that go well beyond establishing brand identity.


Asahi Plates Help Win TLMI Label Award!

Label Impressions, took "first Place" in the Promotional Label category in this year's TLMI Label Awards competition with their "Fujisan - Fresh Sushi Promotional Label".


Peeling Back the Label

Whether it occupies most of a package's exterior or just a small part of it, no packaging component shoulders more of the burden of brand messaging than the label.


Label Impressions ~ Sustainably Produced Private Labels

Label Impressions introduced sustainably produced labels made out of flower seeds. The multi-ply construction acts as a protective packet, allowing the seeds to be shipped or stored until ready for planting.


Label Impressions Wins First Place TLMI "Promotional Label" Award

As a certified high definition label printer, Label Impressions shows off its HD Flexo technology and advanced promotional label printing capabilities with a First Place award in the Promotional Label category at the prestigious TLMI Annual Label Awards Competition.



Organic & Natural Baby Products Company,

Organic & Natural Baby Products Company, Goes Green with Carbon Neutral, Earth Friendly Labels Made from Natural Stone!


Tilvee FiberStone Labels: The Future Of Green Packaging

Tilvee looks at the bigger picture when it comes to skincare. After all, being Eco Ethical applies to what's on the outside of the bottle just as much as what's on the inside.


Tree-Free, Water-Free, Recyclable Paper

FiberStone® Paper is made from 80% calcium carbonate and 20% non-toxic High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).


Sustainable Packaging: New Strides & Strategies

Somewhere along the way, sustainability lost its earthy-crunchy stigma and became the cost-savings buzzword of the consumer products world, in part, thanks to mega-retailer Wal-Mart.


Cyanotech's New Packages Uses FiberStone

In honor of Earth Day, Cyanotech Corporation, a producer of nutrition and health products from microalgae, announced a package redesign with an agreement with Natural Source Partners to use FiberStone for its redesigned Nutrex label launch planned in July.


Tree-free, Waterproof Wine Label Made from Stone

A wine label made from calcium carbonate is a natural fit for an industry already keen on going green, claims US supplier Label Impressions.


New Energy Steward ~ Label Impressions, Inc

Is there a new type of corporate America illuminating the horizon? Jeff Salisbury is the President of Label Impressions, Inc. located in Orange, California, and he says "yes"!


A Label That is Eco-friendly and Waterproof? (how to Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!)

Until now label buyers and packaging professionals had a tough decision to make when selecting label materials for moisture exposed products- go green, or go for performance. Label Impressions, Inc. and Natural Source Printing, Inc. have challenged that paradigm and teamed up to offer packaging buyers the best of both worlds with FiberStoneā„¢ tree-free papers made from stone (rock paper).


Jeff Salisbury's Articles

President of Label Impressions, Inc. "America's greenest resource for labels, tags and flexible packaging."


Jeff Salisbury's Columns

Jeff Salisbury is President of Label Impressions, Inc., the only flexographic label printer in the U.S. to be both FSC Certified and Carbon Neutral. Salisbury sits on the TLMI Board of Environmental Best Practices.


Older than 2008

CarbonFund.Org's Profile of Label Impressions

Label Impressions, Inc. has been a fixture in the Southern California printing industry for over 20 years. We are a leading provider of quality custom labels, tags, and flexible film packaging. Label Impressions, Inc. is the first flexographic printer in the United States to obtain both FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification and CarbonFree status through our partnership with


Pathways to Green: An Introduction for the Print Finishing Industry

When a room full of attendees at the Foil Stamping & Embossing Association's national convention last spring were asked whether they believe the environmental message of, say, Al Gore and terms like 'global warming' or 'climate change', about half raised their hand, said Jeff Morrow, vice president of sales and sustainability for Label Impressions, Inc., a flexographic print house in Orange, California.


Making Paper Without the Trees

From an early age, we all learn that paper comes from trees. But we aren't taught about other factors in the paper-making process, such as water, energy and bleach.


P.O.P Design's Profile of Label Impressions

Label Impressions, Inc. specializes in flexographic labels, foil stamped labels, screen printed labels, tree-free labels, FSC certified labels, biodegradable labels, hangtags, pouches, packettes and sachet printing. We also offer a state of the art graphics department to assist you in packaging design development.


Company Overview: Label Impressions, Inc.

Waterproof, tree-free paper and film substitute made from natural calcium carbonate/mineral paper.

More... Leaving an Impression with Label Impressions

Why offset with a nonprofit? Jeff Salisbury from Label Impressions explains his experience with

Nikon Binoculars

Made with premium optics, eco-friendly, lead free glass, non-chloride rubber and no harmful inks or dyes, the Ecobins make a proud statement. Even better, each binocular comes with a 100% natural Lenzing fiber case and Fiberstone TREE-FREE packaging.


KOR Stones™

KOR Stones™ are literally printed on stones - FiberStone® paper, to be exact. This material is tree-free, water-proof, and fully recyclable.


Green Printing with Mary Loyer

Interview with Mary from Natural Source Printing, a green printing company in Orange County, California. She's asked about the nature of her work and shares perspectives on Forestry Stewardship Council's (FSC) Certification, and creating print marketing communications that use eco-friendly options like recycled paper and vegetable inks.

Green Packaging: The Big Green Picture

For labels and other paper needs, Natural Source Printing offers a tree-less material called FiberStone.


Label Award Winners

North American - First Place on Promotional Label