Coupon Labels, Dry Peel Labels, IRC Labels

expanded content labels

Dry peel labels excellently delivers additional information, recipes, cross-promotion coupons, game pieces) directly on your package in the form of coupon labels or instant redeemable coupon (irc) labels. They can be on-package labels offering immediate impact on the shelf where consumers are mostly likely to make purchasing decisions.

extended text labels

Coupon labels, dry peel labels and irc labels construction features include:

  • Removable label top ply with no adhesive residue. This is great for the retailers who recieve these labels as instant redeemable coupons.
  • Instant redeemable coupon constructions are accepted nationally.
  • Ability to print on three surfaces with the base surface being either a white or clear film to withstand wet, cold, and humid environments.
  • Clear labels left on the product can be printed or transparent.
  • Delivered in sheets for hand application or rolls for machine application for promotional campaigns.

In-house printed IRC labels/Dry peel labels/ Coupon labels

With equipment custom built for and dedicated to on pack coupon labels we’re able to produce large volume coupon jobs in days rather than weeks and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Fewer than 15% of US label printers actually produce these in-house. With Label Impressions your direct to the source of dry peel, IRC labels and this.

Guide to coupon labels Printing

It has many names and there are certainly many styles. IRCs, (instant redeemable coupons), Booklet labels, peel off labels, dry peel labels and on pack labels.

Construction and Options:

Coupon Label Printing Service

You want the right combination of adhesion (no flagging or peel ups) and ease of removal. Most two ply labels have a ‘base’ (part that applies to the product or surface) and a top ply giving you three panels for content/printing. The simplest of coupon labels printing service has a clear ‘leave behind’ base with one color or no printing on it. Make sure you’re not limited by your coupon label printer’s capabilities. If you or need printing on the base or even the back of the base you should be able to get it and at little to no extra cost.

Most label printers limit options to their capabilities. Label Impressions has label equipment designed specifically for coupon labels and can produce multiple colors on all panels of a coupon label, add patterned or spot adhesive, foil or other special effects to your labels.

Exciting new coupon label printing Service with many options are available:

Seed label
Label Impressions’ biodegradable, plantable seed label

In addition to cold foil and tactile effects Label Impressions also has the ability to add scent, taste and seeds to your coupon labels.

Imagine labels you can plant, coupon labels that release a product’s scent when peeled back or an IRC label that reveals a perfectly edible flavor strip when peeled up.

IRC uses and challenges:

Coupon Label Printing

IRC labels/coupon labels printing are used ‘on pack’ meaning the label is applied to the outer packaging or product itself. This allows the consumer or sales clerk to lift the label directly from the product. A properly designed coupon label will remove cleanly and easily, with little effort. We’ve seen less experienced label printers produce this sort of labels, that ‘flag’ before they hit the stores while others have produced releases so tight that frustrated consumers dump the product before getting to checkout. The right combination is key- don’t let your printer fool you- if he doesn’t have equipment dedicated to this, you won’t get the proper construction- an expensive lesson.

This for wet, cold, freezing environments, oily products, and direct food contact present special challenges but Label Impressions handles them all with ease. Aging ovens and a full testing lab make it possible to guarantee success in the marketplace.

Testing services are available FREE OF CHARGE at Label Impressions so if you have a few extra days why not ask us to test coupon label constructions on your product before production?