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Booklet Labels

What are Booklet Labels?

A booklet label is one type of promotional label used for ‘added content’ labeling. These are used to add extra information to a label without increasing real estate or the ‘footprint’ of a label.

Other names for this type of label include ECL (expanded content label), extended text label, multipage label, copy expansion labels, foldout label, two ply label and multi panel label. IRCs (instant redeemable labels) can also be made into this sort of category.

Other names for booklet labels include foldout labels, ecl's (expanded content labels/extended text labels), multi-ply labels, labels with pages or regulatory labels.

How are booklet labels Used?

Booklet labels are used in numerous ways and for a variety of industries. They are used to tell a story about a product or as an alternative to recipe labels. Booklet labels can be used to include instructions, warnings, drug facts, regulatory information or to incorporate additional languages for products sold in various countries.

Are there different types of booklet labels?

Booklets can be made to 'fold-out ' or constructed with pages that can be 'flipped' through like an actual book.

Booklet Foldout Labels

What industries use booklet labels?

Any company who has limited product space and needs to incorporate additional info or wants to 'un-clutter' their label would benefit from a booklet label. Typical industries are pharmaceutical, food, health and beauty/personal care, chemical, and the lawn and garden industry.

What makes Label Impressions' booklet labels different?

The price is the difference! Label Impressions, Inc. has developed several unique, lower cost methods of producing booklet labels and expanded content labels and we pass the savings on to you.

How much more does a booklet label cost?

Many companies charge a 'premium' for booklet labels since they seem like a 'difficult' label to produce, but at Label Impressions we don't charge a 'premium' for our expanded content label solutions.

With a folded booklet label you enjoy additional label 'real estate' without breaking your label budget . Our customers find that using this type of label saves money.. Imagine getting 4, 5, 16 times the label print area without increasing the footprint of your label.

Do booklet labels have staples? How are they constructed?

Many people think these type of designs have staples however they do not. They are folded either on press or prior to label production and inserted into a label construction using sophisticated automated equipment.



We offer a multitude of options for your booklet designs. They can be hand or machine applied and can be sent directly to a multitude of locations for your convenience.

Getting Started

When producing your booklet label leave it all to us. We’ll send you particular selected design or templates, run test samples and perform adhesion and peel tests in our lab using accelerated aging methods. Just give us a call or click here to get started.

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